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Julianna Pena vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Round 1:
Right away, Pena drags Rakoczy to the mat from a body lock trip and is working in half guard. Pena sits up to throw strikes and is bucked off, but immediately closes the distance and clinches with Rakoczy against the fence. Another outside trip and Rakoczy is flat on her back with Pena on top. Pena stands to throw strikes and is now in side control. Pena moves to right to mount. Pena is wailing away on Rakoczy with elbows and hard strikes as the former pro boxer just covers up. Referee Mario Yamasaki warns her to move or do something to intelligently defend herself and she does not. The fight is stopped.

Juliana Pena def. Jessica Rakoczy via TKO (strikes) with 2 seconds left in round 1
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