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Rani Yahya vs. Tom Niinimaki

Round 1:
Kim Winslow is our referee. They touch 'em up and we're off. Niinimaki stalking. Yahya explodes forward with a flurry but only hits air. And again. Yahya catches a single and twists Niinimaki to the canvas. Niinimaki reverses into top position. Yahya with a butterfly hook, hunts for a leglock attempt. Niinimaki stands to defend then settles into half guard. Yahya scrambles for another leglock attempt. Niinimaki rolls to defend then rains down a few punches from up top. Yahya with a slick back take during a scramble. Niinimaki works his way out, stands, then muscles Yahya to the mat, landing in side control. Yahya reclaims his half guard, then rolls and almost gives up his back. Niinimaki looks to pass into mount, but settles with half guard.

Round 2:
Yahya opens with a flurry that forces Niinimaki to tie up. Yahya reverses, but winds up with his back against the fence anyway. Niinimaki drops down for a single and gets it. Yahya working on a guillotine but Niinimaki defends it beautifully, ultimately freeing himself in side control. Niinimaki rains down a few elbows. Lots of inaction and Winslow finally stands them up. Niinimaki storms inside but Yahya seizes a standing guillotine. Yahya takes it to the mat and squeezes down. Niinimaki stays patient and slowly works himself free from danger, ending the round nearly taking Yahya's back.

Round 3:
Niinimaki immediately drags Yahya back to the mat, landing right into side control. Niinimaki content to just stifle Yahya. Winslow finally stands them up. Yahya charges forward and stumbles at the end of his combination. Niinimaki goes to the body. Yahya again hunts for a guillotine. Yahya working from Niinimaki's half guard, trying to free his right foot and climb into mount. Yahya abandons the guillotine and settles into top position. Yahya staying busy but this crowd isn't having the best time.

Tom Niinimaki def. Rani Yahya via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
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