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Jared Rosholt vs. Walt Harris

Round 1:
Chris Togoni is our referee. Debuting heavyweights here. Rosholt keeping his distance early. This Vegas crowd is already getting restless. Harris catches Rosholt coming in with a big right. Harris wades forward with a flurry. Harris topples Rosholt with a huge right! Rosholt clamors to his feet only to get dropped one again. Wow. Somehow he survives and he's still in this. Huge moment there for Harris. Harris charges forward but Rosholt ducks underneath and circles. Rosholt looks frozen; he hasn't shot yet. Well, there's a half-hearted shot but it goes nowhere. Harris whiffs on a huge left. Harris dodges a step-in elbow. Rosholt finally finds his mark with a left hook, but that round was all Harris.

Round 2:
Harris pawing out his right hand. Rosholt wings a left hook that misses, then goes low. Harris catches Rosholt flush with a high kick. Harris tries to follow up but can't, and actually eats a hard straight punch in the process. Rosholt turning up his aggression now. Big exchange, both men swinging heavy leather. Rosholt connects on a low kick. Harris keeping his hands low, throwing single shots. Rosholt just misses with a big knee. Harris digs into Rosholt's body with a right. Rosholt swinging for the fences and he has Harris on his heels. Nothing lands flush and we end the round in the center of the Octagon.

Round 3:
Harris walks out with a grimace. Rosholt opens with a flurry that catches air. Lots of inaction here and the Las Vegas crowd is letting them hear it. Rosholt changes levels, catches a single and slams Harris onto the canvas, landing in half guard. Rosholt briefly traps Harris' right arm but loses it before he can mount any offense. Rosholt rains down a few short punches. Harris is completely stifled. Rosholt continues to work from half guard. Rosholt hunts for a keylock on Harris' right arm but can't get it.

Jared Rosholt def. Walt Harris via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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