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Originally Posted by flo View Post
No they aren't!! It's all subjective and the main thing is that you are planting!!!

Actually, clematis is a completely separate family although some of the blooms look similar. Ipomoea, Morning glory and sweet potato are all related genera in their own family. I think that gorgeous white-blossomed vine of Neez's is Ipomoea alba...
Sweet potato you say....we had thought of growing that in the allotment, but we ran out of money for the seed potatoes

My Garden is a little haphazard....more has died then lived...I have finally got my Cordyline to live, my ornimental grasses are large enough now that they dont really die back in winter....The fan palm has its leaves burned by wind, but it perserveres, the date palm litterally dies almost a death in winter, and then grows a couple of new shoots in the summer, and then the winter comes and it nearly dies again...the red hot poker grasses grow, but wont flower, the bulbs are confused and try to grow in autumn as they should do in spring. Two out of three lupins survive, but only one looks good. The mini pine hasnt done a thing in a year, the holly is somehow dying, the rock plants are spreading at less then a cm per year...the alpines and the heathers look the worse for wear, the accidental planting of a water reed has thrived because it bloody rains so much, and Nana I will admit looked dead over winter and then took over half the whole garden, and the fluffy blue bell flowers but constantly gets swamped by next doors weed filled boarder, the stupid Cyclamin grows UNDERNEITH the Cabbage Lilly in near complete darkness...everything else, the canana, the bananaplants, the yukkas, and those colourful plants, celosia and marigolds became extinct...the hellibourosorientalis has been through hell and high waters but is huge and gives great winter flowers...and the rhodedendron...well..we dont talk about that

Whereas all your gardens are like structured and neat, with decorative brick boarders, and the proper soils for the proper plants...
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