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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Moon flower is a Generic name given to a lot of different types of plant, that flowers at night rather then day...I suspect thats ipomoea...which is for all intense a purposes, a night flowering clemetis...the thing to watch with this is that once established they can become impossible to destroy, and they grow the speed of weeds...rapid, rapid, rapid.

I have been at war with a Celemtis ever since I moved to Markenfield...its actually a type of honeysuckle...OMG it is impossible to get rid of I've tried everything from pruning back to a barren burrying the carcass in stone, and covering it with plastic sheeting...the plant wont die, it simply tunnels along the surface, or under the surface and pops up again

Beautiful...but be very sure to keep it under control...dont be afraid to prune me, thats probably on your property for life

All your gardens are so much nicer and better then mine
The winters are too cold here for it to come back next spring. I have to buy new seeds and start over each year. I wished it would come back!
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