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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
The good ol days


Rich Franklin is the only person who I met unplanned on the spur of the moment, who recognised me from my Video Predictions before I has chance to tell him who I was

A very intelligent individual For me, his Retirement really would prove to be the last of a specific generation of Fighters, those who I first knew when I first encountered MMA, and who were still in their prime, or just about at their hey-days.

They are like the third real generation, not the ones who founded the UFC, not the ones who underwent the transition between SEC and Zuffa, and the weight classes...but the first institutionalized Fighters I suppose....We are now in the fourth generation which are producing superfighters who are so well rounded they bearly have weaknesses...I suppose the generation after that will start to produce those who were actually born into the sport and cross trained from birth...

IDK...but I certainly feel like Rich Franklin has become the last of his kind, Chuck Liddell is gone, Randy Couture is gone, BJ Penn is gone, Matt Hughes is gone....Who is there left in that Generation? CroCop? Fedor...? do they even fight anymore UFC wise...I would feel like the world of MMA that I knew when I first started on this forum pretty much dies upon Franklins Retirement...that does make me sad...because I care far more for His Generation then the one we are experiencing now...all your GSPs and your Anderson Silvas, and you Jon Jones...they lack a certain amount of honnesty and integrity, because it is no longer part of the championship culture...They care to much about protecting a legacy to understand that true legacy isnt made that way...but by being able to do what the institution ask of you, and still having the ability to win

Sure...he might be right to retire now...but I still think it will be a sad day personally
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