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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
the true Tragedy of UFC 167 was that GSP made a choice to perpetuate a myth against his own honour and that of the UFC title itself. It was the 20th Celebration, He was the main event, and the commission wrongly awarded him the championship. He knew it, The Organisation knew it, his opponent knew it. If he had removed that belt, there and then, and handed it to Johny Hendricks.....think of what he might have achieved. If He valued being a Champion, as much as holding a meaningless trophie, not only would he have erased a reign full of accusations, he would have forever gained the heart of the mob. He gained his piece of Gold...but he didnt leave The Champion.
Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
I would like to formally nominate this post for the "Stupidest crap Dave has ever said" Hall of Fame.
I would like to formally nominate his post for one of the "Most Profound Things Dave Has Ever Said" Hall of Fame.

BTW, Sunshine, I don't see anyone "whimpering" but rather people simply giving their thoughts and opinions.
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