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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
If this was the other way around, white kids attacking black people, do you think it would be getting more media attention?
24/7, and Obama would be singing, "Hallelujah", because "his" media would now have something it could use to divert attention away from continued fallout of Obamacare.

You had video, visual evidence, of that school bus beatdown of that white kid by those three black kids with barely any coverage from the same media that blanketed the Trayvon Martin case. They have video of people actually getting knocked out also, but I haven't heard the President comment on this, I haven't heard Oprah in light of her recent interview overseas. I read where Sharpton made a few comments at a meeting of one of his groups but nothing that compares to his actions in the Martin case and other cases, Jackson either. As usual when the victim profile doesn't fit their agenda, the silence is deafening and speaks for itself.

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