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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
I read the books and I saw the first movie. I'm not allowed to go see the second one yet. I have heard a lot of good things about the second movie so I'd really like to watch it in the theater. Maybe, if I deliver soon, I can catch it at the dollar theater which is all I'll be able to afford by then anyway.

I have heard the second movie was closer to the book than the first movie was. My husband didn't read the books and was confused about a few things. He kept making noises during the first movie in the theater so I told him I'd go see the second and third ones by myself. He didn't like that idea. Once I explained some of the background that was left out, he was more into it. I felt they did a good job with the movie and that they changed things that didn't make a big story change.

I wondered about that; if someone hadn't read the books would they really understand all that is happening?

My boys loved the movies. Not sure if it was appropriate for their age. And they are now asking questions about our government. Wanting to know if they are like the capitol.

I tell them yes and that we will be the leaders in District 13.
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