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I think I read recently that a lot of docs are opting out of the ACA plans because their reimbursement is only about 60% of what they get from medicare, which is already lower than the usual reimbursement.

So what happens is that insurance companies negotiate with doctors the cost of everything from bandaids to chemo. Each insurance company gets their own deal and some insurance companies pay better than others. These companies can even say they won't pay for one medication but will pay for another so the docs have to prescribe what the insurance company wants based on what pharmaceutical company they have a negotiated contract with. The medication may not be the most effective or the cheapest out there but it's what the insurance company will let you have. I have a real problem with the insurance companies having that much control over our health care. That's where I want health care reform to concentrate, not on forcing people to buy sucky insurance plans. There is so much corruption with the insurance companies and NO ONE seems to be looking at that. Everyone wants to blame doctors for expensive health care costs but really, it's the insurance companies and other issues like it that drive the costs up.


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