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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
well, saying you thought jh won is fine, but saying it is the biggest robbery ever is ridiculous ..

and yes, i would expect this from most pros .. they want gsp to lose, they are fighters and someone being able to hold onto the best since 2008 makes them look that much more inadequate as fighters ... why can't they do it?, well they can't, so might as well pray for this guy to lose ... its the closest fight gsp has had since bj penn 1 or serra 1, however you want to look at it .. that was 6 years ago ... he's looked untouchable since then, no other fighter other than anderson can say that ...

gsp beats jh in the rematch and is known as the GOAT (unless anderson beats wideman)
So it's all sour grapes and jealousy on their part? No chance their comments come from watching/analyzing the fight as mma pros using their knowledge and experience, unlike these judges?
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