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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post

JH had every opportunity to win that fight and didn't. For all the people who hate on GSP for not finishing fights they sure are quiet when it comes to this one. JH deserved to lose that fight and he did.

I liked the guy until I heard him in the post fights presser and interviews. Now he's just a very talented tool.

GSP won 1,3,5..... the belt is where it should be. Damage and ugly faces do not win fights. IF they did Nick Diaz would have lost every single decision he's ever been in as well as a few other fighters.
I only saw what he said with Joe Rogan right after the fight...what was he saying later?

And comparing what's been said about GSP not finishing fights to Johny and this particular fight isn't really "apples to apples" in my humble opinion. I'm not sure why you're saying Johny "deserved" to lose the fight?

Just because some of us believe Johny won doesn't mean we're haters. Just because some don't root for GSP doesn't make them haters. Everybody likes who they like.

Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
and, watching it again today, after the second round in jh's corner, his coach, not laimon, the other guy, says "you probably got two now", that in itself shows it was close .. every coach after a dominant round will tell their fighter they got the round .. telling jh he probably had the first two doesn't sound too confident to me ... this is not a robbery like most people are making it out to be
Did you see what Ariel Halwani said in the Post Fight Show about hearing GSP's trainer tell him during the break after round 3 going into 4, "You're down 2-1." That means GSP's team thought he'd already lost 2 rounds which had to be 1 & 2, right, because everyone agrees he won 3. We know Johny won round 4 so that would mean GSP's own team thought Johny won 1, 2 & 4.

Johny's team is telling him, "You've probably got two.", then GSP's team is telling him, "You're down 2-1"...sounds like both corners were on the same page and had Johny leading by 2 rounds going into the 4th.

Thanks for sharing that and confirming what I already knew...Johny was the winner!

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