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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post

It all comes down to the first round. GSP clearly won the 3rd & 5th rounds, IMO. Hendricks clearly won 2 & 4.

Even though I'm a GSP fan, I scored the first round to Hendricks. BUT, I can see an argument for GSP taking the first...the early take down could have skewed it in his favor.

Hendricks is the uncrowned champ, in my eyes right now.

Maybe it's like Anderson Silva said...the crown weighs too heavy after a while. I thought Georges looked a little strung out...over trained maybe.

GSP said he's going to take some time off...I have a feeling he'll abdicate & leave for 18 months or so. This will set up Hendricks vs Condit for the title, potentially.

I believe the loss for Rory is a good thing. It will hopefully teach him that he has to engage. I believe the same could be said for GSP.
Thx for the honest assesment, Wavetar, esp. since you naturally were rooting for Georges.
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