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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee in charge of the action. Both fighters open orthodox and Woodley cracks Koscheck with a right hand and knee. He's clearly hurt, but now Koscheck is pressing Woodley into the fence. Koscheck gets touched with a right, but returns the favor and Woodley is backing up. Koscheck gets rocked with a right and is on the ground. The fight looks close to being stopped, but is hanging on in full guard after being very badly hurt. Referee Dean stands them up for inactivity. Koscheck tries to press forward and eats an absolutely monster right hand that basically puts Koscheck out. Woodley landed another punch, but the referee had no choice but to step in.

Tyron Woodley def. Josh Kosheck via TKO (strikes) at 4:38 of round 1

Well, I picked Popcorn Ball much as I can't stand him I did think he would win.

Good pick, Bonnie & wav. Woodley looked really good.
Best fight of the night so far! Woodley stuck to my prediction, KO, Rd 1...why can't all my picks be this cooperative!

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