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Tim Elliott vs. Ali Bagautinov

Round 1:
The referee in charge of the action is Kim Winslow. Both fighters open orthodox. Elliot moves southpaw and is pushing into Bagautinov backwards, but eating a shot here and there. Bagautinov leaps into a left hook and gets it. Elliott tries to clinch and eats a right hand for his efforts as Bagautinov clinch breaks. Bagautinov cracks Elliot with a two-punch combination, but the American is still pursuing. Elliot is briefly taken to the mat, but springs to his feet almost immediately. The Daegestani cracks Elliott with a right hand, but it doesn't slow down the pressure from Elliott. Elliot backs up before the end of the round and eats a punch and follow-up head kick.

Round 2:
Elliott starts the round pressing forward again, but still can't do much but get out of the way or eat the intermittent shot. Elliott jumps guillotine and it's close, but Bagautinov escapes only for Elliott to reverse and get on top. Bagautinov attempts an armbar, and uses to sweep and stand. The Dagestani lands a one-two as they stand. Bagautinov swinging more, but missing a lot as Elliott pressures him back. Elliott fails on a takedown and the two separate after an extended scramble.

Round 3:
Elliott goes right back to pressuring forward. Elliott standing in the pocket and paying for it a bit with Bagautinov landing hard strikes. Elliott eats another two-punch combination, but won't relent on pressure. Elliott in on a shot, but it's stuffed, although he scores to the body before getting out of there. Bagautinov shoots and Elliott stuffs it easily. Elliott returns the favor and trips Bagautinov hard to the mat while following up with hard strikes to end the round. Still, too little, too late.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Bagautinov and the fight 30-27 Bagautinov
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