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Brian Ebersole vs. Rick Story

Round 1:
Herb Dean is our referee. Story stalks forward and blasts Ebersole with a one-two. Story peppering shots from the outside. Ebersole with a standing hammerfist to the thigh. Okay. Ebersole lunges forward but Story throws him off. Story cracks Ebersole with a looping shot. Story whiffs on a left. Puzzling fight from Ebersole so far. Ebersole drops down for a single but can't get it. Story connects on a body shot. Story just misses a front kick. Ebersole lunges forward with another fireball-esque motion. That's the third or fourth time he's done that. Good inside leg kick by Story. Ebersole responds with an outside leg kick. Story cracks Ebersole with a flurry. Story storms forward and misses a combo at the horn. Weird round.

Round 2:
Ebersole circles right and paws out his jab. Story closes the distance and winds up on top in side control after a scramble. Ebersole explodes to his feet. Story headhunting with looping punches. Ebersole circles to the center of the cage. Story tags Ebersole with a straight shot. Ebersole finds a home for his jab, then eats a counter right. Ebersole connects on a step-in elbow. Story fires back and Ebersole just shakes his head. Story cracks Ebersole with a looping left that puts him on the defensive. Story goes over the top with another left. Ebersole seizes a single and pushes Story against the fence. Ebersole abandons the single and gets reveresed. Big right hand staggers Ebersole and wild exchange ensues! Ebersole drops Story to one knee with a counter left! There's the horn. Wow, crazy finish.

Round 3:
That last exchange opened up a big cut above Story's right eye. Story closes the distance and dumps Ebersole on the mat. Big shot from the top by Story, who then lets Ebersole up. Story with the one-two. Ebersole answers with a right. Story lunges forward and ties up against the fence. Ebersole reverses and breaks. Both men trade jabs. Story pops Ebersole with a looping right. Man, Ebersole has a chin on him. Ebersole feigns, then counters with jab. Story blasts Ebersole with a left! Huge shot there. Another right cracks Ebersole. Story starting to open up. Hard leg kick staggers Ebersole. Ebersole clinches then rips a short elbow off the break. Story wades inside with a salvo. Another big leg kick hurts Ebersole. Another one and Ebersole topples to the mat. Story lunges into side control and works for a choke, but can't get it before the horn.

Rick Story def. Brian Ebersole via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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