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Erik Perez vs. Edwin Figueroa

Round 1:
Kim Winslow is our referee. Both men trade straight punches early. Perez fires off a pair of high kicks. Figueroa wades inside with a flurry. Whoa, massive groin shot downs Figueroa. Huge groan from the audience. "Sweet baby jeams-mus," says Joe Rogan. Figueroa, understandably, taking some time. We're back. Figueroa pushes forward and whiffs on a big overhand right. Perez goes low, then changes levels for a double. Perez muscles Figueroa against the fence, still working for the takedown. Figueroa stands and throws Perez off. Big counter front kick lifts Figueroa off his feet. Wow. Figueroa back to stalking. Low kick from Perez. Figueroa eats a right. Figueroa cracks Perez with a hard kick to the body, but winds up on his back for his troubles. Perez advances into half guard. Perez trying to pass into mount. Figueroa bucks him off and stands, only to be dragged back to the mat. Perez again working from half guard, rains down a few short punches.

Round 2:
Figueroa eats a front kick. Perez wades inside and drills Figueroa with a right to the body followed by a huge left that cracks Figueroa's jaw. Figueroa topples down but regains his wits quickly. Perez peppers Figueroa from the outside, then closes the distance, hoists Figueroa above his head, and slams him onto the canvas, landing in side control. Figueroa gives up his back. Perez in total control right now. Figueroa trying to stand against the fence. Big knee to the body from Perez. Figueroa eats an elbow off the break, but then storms forward and connects with a heavy straight right. There's another right hand by Figueroa, and Perez decides to drag this fight back to the mat. Perez working inside Figueroa's closed guard. Wow, 57 ground strikes for Perez to Figueroa's 1. Perez advances into half guard. Wait, what? Winslow stands them up. Okay, that was bad. Perez was setting up a sub. Whatever, there's the end of the round.

Round 3:
Figueroa stalking forward. Perez bouncing on his heels. Inside leg kick from Perez. Neither guy willing to pull the trigger so far. And just as I write that, Perez whiffs on a spinning heel kick. Perek changes levels for the double and gets it, landing in half guard. Perez whaling on Figueroa's midsection with rights. Perez advances into side control. Perez moves into north/south, but Figueroa explodes to his feet. Perez with the quick takedown against the fence. Big knee to the body from Perez, followed by an elbow. Perez stands, eats a straight punch then fires back a right. Good exchange to end the round.

Erik Perez def. Edwin Figueroa via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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