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Jason High vs. Anthony Lapsley

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is our referee. Lapsley charges inside with a flurry but High changes levels and secures a takedown, landing in half guard. High climbs into mount. Wow, he's got a ton of time to work. Lapsley gives up his back. High sinks in both hooks. Lapsley scoots to the fence and uses it to stand. High shoots right back in and dumps Lapsley. High slithers in a guillotine and rolls for it. Lapsley defends. High swirls to Lapsley's back then hoists him up and slams him down. High hunting for another rear-naked. High switches to mount and Lapsley quickly gives up his back. High still with both hooks in. High gives up position to seize a guillotine. Lapsley defends, but High rolls and sinks it in tighter. High transitions into mount, still with the choke. Lapsley survives, but dang, dominant round.

Round 2:
High closes the distance against the fence. Lapsley grabs a leg but High shakes him off and lunges into mount. Lapsley gives up his back. Round one all over again. High transitions into a guillotine but this time Lapsley sees it coming and gains top position. Lapsley working short shots from inside High's guard. Hard right hand by Lapsley. High tries to scramble out but Lapsley is stifling. Lapsley advances into half guard. Yamasaki wants action. Lapsley doing enough to stay busy. Good elbow from Lapsley.

Round 3:
Lapsley connects on a front kick, right hand combo. High paws out his right. High storms inside and changes levels for a takedown, landing inside Lapsley's guard. High shucks Lapsley's legs up and advances into side control. High swirls and grabs a front headlock. High unloads a few knees to the body, then seizes another guillotine attempt. This one might be tight. Lapsley pries off High's hand and sweeps. High rolls for an omoplata but can't get it. Lapsley rains down a few punches from top position. High nearly stands then takes top position in a scramble. Lapsley climbs to his feet. High dives on a leglock, but Lapsley defends and unloads a few punches. Lapsley gets HIgh's back but slips and High claims top position. Great grappling on display here. High ends the round with punches from the top. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 High. (29-28 High.)

Jason High def. Anthony Lapsley via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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