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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I think that they do to an extent. I read a few different things awhile back that there is a correlation to lower testosterone levels showing in wrestlers, and I think it pertained to the effects of many weight cuts. So look at those that are/were on it....Hendo, Chael, Couture...all long time wrestlers. Marquardt and Mir (BJJ/grappling).
That is probably a valid point that I hadn't considered. A lifetime of weight cuts has a negative effect on many aspects of your health, no doubt.

As to RNC's point about using TRT to get to the levels they had in their 20's...that's not the case. There's a reason it's called a therapeutic use exemption. They are given this exemption, because their levels are abnormally low to non-existent, not simply at the level appropriate to their age. If that were the case, everyone beyond 30 could get a TUE.

It's also BS how they are allowed as high as 6 times the level of a normal person when tested. And that's at fight could have been much higher during training, since they typically aren't tested throughout, giving a serious unfair advantage over clean fighters.

Do I think Vitor juiced at 20? I didn't need to watch the clip, I've seen all the early UFC's Yes, I do believe he did, IMHO.
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