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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
I don't think these guys have low t ... they are just on the lower range of the acceptable scale I think ... but they don't tell us everything
I think that they do to an extent. I read a few different things awhile back that there is a correlation to lower testosterone levels showing in wrestlers, and I think it pertained to the effects of many weight cuts. So look at those that are/were on it....Hendo, Chael, Couture...all long time wrestlers. Marquardt and Mir (BJJ/grappling).

Vitor was caught before, there should be no way he should be granted a TRT exemption. In my eyes, he used steroids to get an unfair advantage. Now he is able to use something to get on a level playing field because of what he did previously. Make him fight with lower levels, it is only fair.
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