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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
Call me jaded, but I believe ALL fighters who require TRT later on in life to achieve a normal level of testosterone were juicing in one form or another (testosterone/steroids/HGH, etc) early on. Medical professionals will tell you that legitimate, natural cases of abnormally low T in men in their 30's & 40's are infinitesimally small.

As far as Vitor vs Dan in regards to how they look, it's all in how much you take, exactly what you take, and how you train...and genetics of course, which I think was RNC's point. Many pro athletes in other sports are juicing & don't look hulk-like.
Did you watch the Youtube video RNC posted of Vitor at 20. Do you think he was juicing back then? And of course, I agree, genetics plays a big part, every body is different, and then there is age, training, diet.
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