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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
GREAT night of fights! I got to work the event from our DC offices (they don't fly us to Brazil for non-PPVs ) & me & my other MMA-Nerd buddies had a lot of fun laughing & joking all the way through. It was unsurprising, but heart-breaking, to see Hendo go down like that.

I really hate that Vitor's a juicer now. I was a huge fan of his before, but I can't respect a guy who cheats & thinks we're all too-dumb to know it.
he juiced before and now has to juice .. sad that he even is fighting in the ufc ... dana needs to put his foot down and say if you can't get a licence is most states, you can't fight in the ufc, but no, dana is using him to sell his brazil shows ...
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