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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Because Dan's been taking it for years for legitimate medical reasons. He's been taking it since long before we ever knew about Chael or Marquardt or any of these new, high-profile situations. Dan's just trying to be healthy outside of the cage, not gain an advantage inside it.

Bull••••. He's been in good shape all his life, but he's never looked like this. That's like taking a Ford F350 that could tow a lot, turning it into a Monster Truck & when you get pulled for driving it on the road, telling the cop "What? It's always been a strong truck, I only put a little lift-kit on it!"
getting old your testosterone decreases, so its not medical per se, but natural .. he is basically taking himself back to the levels of what he was in his 20's ... so it is to gain an advantage imo

and here is vitor at 20

i'd say he's been jacked his whole life ...
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