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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Vitor looked huge, like the Hulk, compared to Dan. I understand why Dan would want to keep his head down coming in like that, but I think it was a mistake. I feel like he should have been looking at Vitor instead of moving in blindly like that.

Straight up question, and be GSP a trt user? Just my opinion, but that just doesn't seem "natural". And Rory Macdonald is looking awfully GSP-esq. Coinkidink?
i don't think gsp is on trt, because you have to disclose that you are on it ... and the commissions don't have to keep that information under wraps ....

gsp does some serious workouts . not sure if you are watching the countdown show, but all day he works out ... i am sure rory is going through a lot of that same training ...

gsp is going through vada testing for this fight with hendricks and he is pushing for the ufc to have all fights go through more rigorous training ..

oh and yes, vitor just looks ridiculous ...
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