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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Did you know that the church of LDS is considered a cult by most protestant churches? Therefore, Mitt is no more a christian than you claim Obama is...........So let me get this straight, you equate Obama's policies with Christianity? His stand on abortion? His stand on gay marriage? His stand on the constitution? His stand on the interpretation of separation of church & state?

And as far as giving goes.......since when can you rob someone else of what is rightfully theirs and bestow it on someone else and truly call it giving?

It's not called giving, it's called socialism!
i guess you consider reagan a christian??? he signed an abortion bill in cali? but i guess if you say later on that you probably shouldn't have signed it, its ok ... he also favoured rights for the gay community which wasn't popular at the time ... but he did it for the sake of his voters ...
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