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Cezar Ferreira vs. Daniel Sarafian

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki makes a heart with his hands, and we're ready to go. Sarafian with a couple of front kicks to break the barrier, and Sarafian stalks him to the fence. He gets a body lock and is trying to muscle Ferreira to the mat. They toil there for a bit and Yamasaki separates them and resets to center. Ferreira shoots for a double leg, and ends up with his neck in the crook of Sarafian's thick arm, and he's trying to snatch a guillotine. Ferreira is throwing some kicks from range, but they aren't landing. Now Ferreira gets the clinch on Sarafian, and presses him against the cage. Nothing doing. They back out and head to the center of the cage. Nice exchange right in the middle, which ends with an uppercut from Ferreira. When they are separated, Ferreira has a lot more to work with in the distance. Inside, Sarafian has been landing better. As the round comes to a close, they have a heated exchange, and each claps the other with hooks. Nice little finish to the first round.

Round 2:
Round two, and Sarafian moves in with loud leg kick. He tries that again, and Ferreira shoots in and takes him down with a power-double leg. Ferreira goes to work there, and is dropping his elbows and shoulders into Sarafian's chin. He's trying to pass, but ends up in guard. Ferreira continues to throw short punches, now hammerfists onto Sarafian. Sarafian has him tied up well enough that Yamasaki is warning Ferreira to stay active. Ferreira does enough, as he swings his hips out, and Sarafian able to push off, and then somersault out. Big left hand from Sarafian, and just as before, Ferreira treats Sarafian as a tackling dummy and blasts him with a double leg back to the canvas. Working for half guard, Ferreira packs some sharp elbows into Sarafian's ribcage. Sarafian struggling to get up, and then gets overpowered and repositioned on his back. He's using his legs on the cage, turning. But the action stalls enough for Yamasaki to step in very quickly (perhaps too quickly) to stand them up. Back at center, Sarafian whizzes a left hook that glances off Ferreira, and then pushes Ferreira to the fence. That's where they remain as the round closes out.

Round 3:
Final round gets going, as Sarafian throws a right hand straight down Broadway and Ferreira takes it on the chin. Now Sarafian ties up Ferreira on the fence, and as they part lands two plodding punches that sting Ferreira. Enough is enough, as Ferreira takes Sarafian down, and again works in the half guard, almost as a repeat of the first two rounds. Sarafian trying to use the partition on the cage to push off into a better position, but can't maneuver with Ferreira raining punches on him. Sarafian grabs Ferreira's neck, but he doesn't have leverage for a guillotine, and he lets it go. Sarafian able to sit up with his back to fence, attempting to get up the rest of the way, but Ferreira plows him back into the canvas. Futility. Yamasaki once again swoops in to stand them up. That lasts about two seconds before Ferreira takes Sarafian down again. Ferreira is all over Sarafian's back with hooks in. Sarafian carries him, and tries to shuck him off using fists. But Sarafian's eating more than he's dishing, and he's carrying Ferreira on the fence. Ferreira trying to sink a rear naked choke late, but Sarafian holds on for the bell. Both guys utterly exhausted as the fight ends. Mutante should get the nod here.

UFC Fight Night 32 results: Cezar Ferreira def. Daniel Sarafian via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-28)
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