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Rafael Cavalcante vs. Igor Pokrajac

Round 1:
The referee for this one is Kevin McDonald. Pokrajac comes out strong and throws bombs the length of the cage. Feijao backs up, but as he runs out of real estate, he returns fire with a flurry. Fast, aggressive start. Pokrajac leans Feijao into the fence and posts him there. Feijao clinches up and lowers a huge knee on him, and now another. From the Thai plum, he's landing heavy knees to the body and head, and, after a big right hand as they separate, Pokrajac drops. It's over! McDonald comes in and waves Cavalcante off. Feijao landed a series of knees, a couple to the body, then to the head, and then cracked home a big right hand that dropped Pokrajac for good. Feijao looking as explosive as ever.

UFC Fight Night 32 results: Rafael Cavalcante def. Igor Pokrajac via tapout due to strikes at 1:18 or R1.

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