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Rony Jason vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1:
Kevin McDonald is the referee. They touch them up, Stephens orthodox stance, moves in and Jason flies at him with a knee, but misses. Stephens again initiates and Jason swings a big right and misses. Then boom! Stephens lands a ridiculous, drapes-closing kick that downs Jason in a heap! Stephens ducked out of the way and threw the kick just as Jason threw a punch, and ate the shin cleanly. Stephens followed up with a right, but it was already academic. Jason was out. That was explosive stuff from Stephens, and the crowd in Goi‚nia went totally silent as the American went into his celebration.

UFC Fight Night 32 results: Jeremy Stephens def. Rony Jason via KO (kick) at :40 of R1.

So glad to see Jeremy get the big win!!! KotN too, I hope!
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