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Thiago Perpetuo vs. Omari Akhmedov

Round 1:
Kevin MacDonald is your referee for this middleweight bout. An accidental headbutt causes Akhmedov to fall backwards. Perpetuo lands a big series of hammerfists. But the unbeaten Akhmedov does an impressive job of getting back to his feet and clearing the cobwebs. They're clinched along the fence. Akhmedov with a takedown, back to their feet. Perpetuo with a big right hand that rocks Akhmedov backwards, but somehow Akhmedov ends the scramble on Perpetuo's back and with a rear-naked choke. Perpetuo escapes, they're back to his feet, and Perpetuo gets a double-leg and a takedown. Then, a crazy finish after they get back to their feet: Perpetuo cracks Akhmedov, chases after him, but gets met with a huge left to the jaw by the backpedaling Akhmedov and knocked out. Wild fight.

Omari Akmedov def. Thiago Perpetuo via knockout at 3:31 of round one.

Wow, that Akhmedov had great heart to weather through all the punishment Perpetuo handed out!
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