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Default UFN 32 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!

Jose Maria Tome vs. Dustin Ortiz

Round 1:
Kevin MacDonald is the referee for this flyweight fight. An early exchange surprisingly ends with a Tome takedown. Tome nearly gets his back, but Ortiz gets to his feet. They battle in the clinch along the fence, and Tome scores another takedown. Ortiz gets up again, and this time he wins the clinch battle and then resets in the middle of the cage. They clinch, Ortiz bulls him up against the fence, and then lands a huge knee to the groin. Time-out. Tome takes about two minutes before the fight continues. Tome's fires a couple sharp leg kicks. Tome goes for a single, but Ortiz scrambles out of it and ends up taking Tome's back as they hit the ground. Back to the mat. Ortiz scores a takedown in the final minute, but Tome instantly turns it into a guillotine. It's not super-tight, though, so Ortiz manages to wait out the clock.

Round 2:
Tome throws and misses a wild spinning back fist. He pops Ortiz solid a couple times. Ortiz lands a combo. Ortiz, who's apparently been watching Bobby Green tapes, nails Tome with a low blow of an inside leg lick. MacDonald warns Ortiz. Back to action. A scramble ends in a stalemate. Tome wings a wild right hand. Ortiz is gaining confidence in his striking. He land a right, scores a body lock takedown, and then moves right into side control. Tome rolls out, gets to his feet, they trade wild punches. Tome is cut, not sure where it happened. Another guillotine by Tome in the closing seconds, Ortiz again runs out the clock.

Round 3:
Ortiz with a near-instant takedown on the tiring Ortiz. Ortiz tries to work into side control. He's in half-guard now. He moves to a stepover mount, lands several right hands, almost gets his back, lands elbows. Ortiz once again nearly gets his back. Tome rolls out. Ortiz back in side control. Tome turtles. Ortiz lands a series of huge right hands, a couple of which appear to land on the back of the head. MacDonald steps in and stops the fight.

Dustin Ortiz def. Jose Maria Tome via TKO at 3:19 of round three.

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