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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The "last days" refers to the final years leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ... aka Armageddon... aka the end of the world as we know it.

As for the video, it seems like this guy has a limited understanding of who GOD is, based solely on the New Testament and completely disregarding the Old Testament. He definitely has no understanding of MMA.

Personally, I can't see how playing football would be advancing the gospel for a Christian football player, but I'm not going to decry football as "wretched" just because I'm not a fan of the sport.
Armageddon happens along time AFTER the second Coming

This is a Generalized Structure to what is known as The End of Days

The Gospel according to Saint Luke gives Nine Stages prior to the Apokalypse

The first is a Great Persecution. For the Christians, it must be the Great Persecution of Nero.

The Second is the Capture of the City of Jerusalem. It may be a reference to when the City was already under the rule of the Romans, but there was a rebellion in the mid first century AD. The Romans had to almost reconqure the city

The Third Stage is the POST BABYLONIAN Destruction of the City of Jerusalem including the Temple. The last time in Chronology there was a Proper Jewish Temple that fully functioned. Was destroyed by the Romans when they crushed the rebellion. That is considered the point at which the Ancient Jewish Nation of Israel was "Scattered amoung the nations" Unlike the Babylonians, by the time the Romans were Converts it was too late to get the Jews back and rebuild the Temple....however awful the Babylonian destructions was...and you can find out by reading Jeremiahs least it was rebuilt within a generation.

The Fourth Stage is the Scattering of the Jews amoung the nations. As a race without a land, subject prisoners to everywhere and everything apart from Israel

The Fifth Stage is the Crusades against Jerusalem. The City will be "Trampled" by heathen and by, by no Jewish people. The middle ages saw over eight crusades where remnants from Christianity and Islam fought over what was Ancient Jerusalem

The Sixth Stage is that of the False Prophet. You might like to know, that Islam won the Crusades, and held control of the Holy land completely until the collapse of the Ottomon Empire and the intervention of Western Powers to syphon the remnants of post world war two europe, and return Jews to Jerusalem

The Seventh Stage is all about warfare. (well last century we had two world wars, and we now have nuclear and bioloigical and chemical capability) The Return of Israel from the Wilderness. Mentioned in a Chronology outlined in the Great Revelation is a key moment not mentioned in Lukes Gospel. After great hardship, specifically towards the Jews, the Woman who represents Israel in the story, is said to develope wings like an Eagle and return home. You will no doubt be familiar with The Great Seal of The United States of America, which prominently displays an Eagle. You may also like to know that the main pioneer of returning the Jews to Israel geographically was America as it invested in Europes rebuilding, and the formations of OLDE Europe, into The United Nations.

The Eight Stage Environmental Degregadtion specified as plagues, famines, and earth quakes. You might want to include floods in this, because if we parallel this with the Chronology of Revelation, we find that the Devil uses water to try and distroy the woman portrayed as Israel...though whether that is Israel in Stage Eight or Israel in Stage Nine is a matter of debate.

The nineth Stage is Heavenly Degregadtion. Possible problems with the Seas (maybe flood, more possible caused by something wrong with the Moon) and something ominious "the powers of the heavens will be shaken" this in itself sounds like it could be a cataclysimic event that may threaten to send mankind into extinction. Revelations indicates that even prior to the tribulations mankind will be seeking safety under the earth rather then on top of it. Isaiah talks about the host of heaven falling down like leafs off a tree during autumn.

The Nineth Stage Culminates in the Apokaylpse which seems to be a near cataclysmic event.

Rapture? (Pre Millenialistic view)

Rise of the Anti-Christ

Then there appears to be a time of peace. A great peace that descends, particularly brokered around Israel. This is the false Peace that comes from the rise of the Anti-Christ. There shall be no true peace in the house until that time. Possibly this brokering of peace on the back of a earth wide catastrophe, is what helps unification under its evil ruller. This Cover will soon slide, and the whole earth will be under a dictatorship. Those who remain loyal are branded in some way.

Seals of the remnant.

It is quite important for Christ that he should preserve some of his chosen blood race. Revelations talks about 144 thousand Jews being saved. We do not know if this number is meant litterally or has a numerical pragmatic reason. But we do know GOD will preserve a remnant from this point to the end.


The Tribulation begins when Christ breaks the seals of a heavenly document. Each time he breaks a seal, something really bad happens in the temporal Realm. He starts by breaking four seals, which supposedly release the four horsemen of the apokalypse. I would imagine the spiritual driven ramifications of the cataclysm thats just happened

This could be a portrayal of what happens when the Antichrist has done all he can peaceably, and needs to take active opponents to become dominant world wide.

The First Horseman is a White Colour and his mission is conquest.
The second Horseman is a Red Colour and brings death by the sword
The Third Horseman is Black in Colour and brings injustice
The Fourth Horseman is without colour, and he is scripturally called "Death"

When the Fifth Seal is opened it releases the martyres

When the Sixth Seal is opened and creates an earth quake

When the Seventh Seal is open it is the permission for Seven of the Host to blow trumpets. Remember at this point, back to the very begining of Genesis where GOD uses Sound to create the heavens and the earth...well...this is exactly the opposite. He uses the sound of the Trumpets to distroy

First Trumpet creates Hail, Fire and Blood
Second Trumpet Creates Volcanic Activity in the Seas
The Third Trumpet Creates a water pestilence that is brought to earth by a falling heavenly body
The fourth Trumpet Creates black outs in the heavenly realms
The fifth Trumpet Creates a tormenting insectoid lifeform that is brought to earth by a falling heavenly body. The remnant are actively safe from these creatures which have a life span of five months
The sixth Trumpet Creates Temporal Spiritual Warfare on Earth. There are Four Evil Host who are kept submerged in the Euphraties River. God releases them. Human Vs Host is not a fair fight.

After the Sixth Seal there is a gap of about Three Years during which mankind is offered its very last chance to convert. Please note, by the time the Bowls of Wrath are being poured during and after the millenial reign, the evil simply have to endure them, they can not be saved. GOD sends Two Witnesses to Jerusalem, Two preachers, the very last of the Ordained Priesthood. After about three years the Anti-Christ will kill them.

Rapture? (Trans Tribulational View)

The Seventh Trumpet Creates The Second Comming and the Establishment of the Millenial Reign

Battle of The Abyss (Michael imprisons Lucifer in the Abyss)

Rapture? (Post Millenialistic View)

The Bowls are emptied onto those who carry the mark of the beast. One presumes those who dwell in Jerusalem at this time are spared.

The First Bowl of Wrath creates a deadly plague amoungst the Evil
The Second Bowl Kills all ocean Life
The Third Bowl Distroys all natural water sources on the planet
The Fourth Bowl Produces fire from the Sun
The Fifth Bowl Distroys the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ

Second Battle of the Abyss (Michael Releases Lucifer from the Abyss)

The Sixth Bowl is the Period of The Sheep and The Goats (The formation of the sides for the Battle)

The Seventh Bowl is the complete destruction of Jerusalem, as GOD departs the Temporal Realm, and the Millenial Rule is finished

The Great Battle of Armageddon (Michael Kills Lucifer, Earth is distroyed by rocks from the sky)

The Trumpet Judgement Call (The dead are raised incoruptable)

Judgement according to The Book of Life

The Destruction of Hell in Fire

New Heaven/New Earth/New Jerusalem

The End

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