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Originally Posted by flo View Post
James Krause vs. Bobby Green

Round 1:
Dave Doyle checking in here for the final undercard fight. "Big" John McCarthy is the referee for this lightweight fight. Krause is more active in the early going, throwing kicks low and high. Green's first strike of the fight, meanwhile is a field goal of a kick to the groin. Time out. Green gets off with a warning. Back to action. Pace picks up, with both guys throwing strikes right up the middle. Both guys are throwing punches and occasional kicks, but with two minutes left, neither has a distinct advantage. Guess what? Green channels his performance in Affliction against Dan Lauzon and kicks Krause low again. This time, Green is deducted a point. Right back to work, and Green immediately kicks Krause borderline low again. While at first it appeared McCarthy was going to disqualify Green, it ended up with Krause saying he can't continue and McCarthy waving off the fight.

Bobby Green def. James Krause via TKO at 3:50 of round one.

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