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Originally Posted by Tyburn

I think that Lil Evil and Jens Pulver are two separate things. I think Jens ) Pulver could be considered like a Host, a guy who fights, he's not bad, but he's no BJ Penn...what you saw Verses Urijah Faber...that was 90% Jens Pulver.

Now Lil Evil is something different. Almost an internal persona, I dont think Jens Pulver has much control over Lil Evil...I think you saw Lil Evil last right after the end of Cub Swanson...THAT was Lil Evil, because the speech was directed as much to himself, as Cub Swanson. I think Lil Evil was created out of trauma...and I think the longer Jens Pulver lives the more he resolves his inner conflict...that inner conflict is the life blood of Lil Evil. One day, Jens Pulver may well lose the will to the aggressive manner of his past. I think Jens likes fighting aswell...but Lil Evil is...something different, whose growth isnt just dependant on fighting an opponent...if Jens Pulver ever finds true inner peace, it will spell a possible permanent death for Lil Evil.

I just didnt want to psycho-analyse quite so much hahahahaha

2) I care about you deeply aswell Denise. You and I have quite a history on here. I hope GOD blesses you aswell...but you dont quite fight in an the winning thing doesnt quite apply. IF Pulver would be more blessed by losing...I'd have no problem with him losing...but that usually spells hatred and abandonment by people like Goat, and insitutions.
1 ) Dave, you do Jens Pulver no favors when you speak of him like this. The above may be appealing to you but isn't to the majority of normal people. And for the record, I disagree with your above analysis of Jens.

2) Maybe it is God's will for him to be abandoned by such things. It may be the best blessing he could hope for. Please don't try to put yourself in a position to judge what is best for Jens.
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