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Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee. They touch them up. Kennedy catches a Natal kick and nearly drops a big shot on him, but Natal squiggles free. Crowd chanting Ranger Up, as Kennedy gets rolling. A couple of high kicks from Kennedy, neither gets past Natal's forearms. A leg kick from Natal. Natal comes in and sticks him with a solid left, that stung. Good exchange in the middle that ends with a Kennedy uppercut that grazes Natal. Natal is sticking and moving well so far. He is landing, too. Tries a spinning wheel kick but it's errant. Now a USA chant breaks out at Fort Campbell. Kennedy has absorbed a few leg kicks and they might be affecting him, as he sort of wobbled when he put pressure on his leg. They exchange leg kicks on cue. Natal is definitely getting the better of that war. Kennedy tries a high kick but it doesn't come close, and Natal comes in with a jab. Natal is switching stances. He barely missed in a right hand there, but Kennedy doesn't! He lands a huge counter shot right to Natal's chin, and Natal drops. Herb Dean moves in and calls him off. TKO for Kennedy. It was a lunging left hook that dropped him, right along the fence. He came in with a couple of follow-up shots while Natal was supine, but the thing was already done. The crowd loves it, and Kennedy tells them he loves them while on the fence.

UFC Fight for the Troops results: Tim Kennedy def. Rafael Natal via TKO (strikes) at 4:40 of R1.

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