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Jorge Masvidal vs. Rustam Khabilov

Round 1:
The referee for this one is Big John McCarthy. Huge overhand right straight off the bat from Khabilov. Wow. Landed flush, and caught Masvidal off guard, but he shook it off. Once again he lands the right as Masvidal missed. Khabilov throwing bombs out there. Trying to size one up. Masvidal trying to establish the jab, and is staying active. Another big right from Khabilov over the top lands. Masvidal isn't picking that up, but nor is he getting hurt by it. Masvidal keeps the center of the cage. Khabilov coils back and throws another big right, once again landing. Masvidal, by comparison, is nickel and diming. Now Masvidal moves in, and Khabilov goes for a single-leg takedown. Masvidal spins out of that, and we're back to center. Masvidal lands a nice body kick, then comes in with big flying knee, which lands but he is taken down immediately right after by the grappler Khabilov. It doesn't stay there; Masvidal right back up Yet another flying knee by Masvidal, who is opening up the arsenal here, not fearing the takedown as much as he was earlier. Khabilov grabs a leg and drives Masvidal into the fence, and they stay tied up there as the rounds ends.

Round 2:
Felt like Masvidal was turning the tide in the latter parts of the round. They meet at center, and Khabilov changes levels. Masvidal starting to whip out that jab he has, and he comes in with a leg kick. And another. Khabilov once again goes high-low, but doesn't land anything. Masvidal very steadily stalking Khabilov down. He's landing better as the fight goes on, isolated shots and combos. Seems to have Khabilov guessing a little bit. Good left by Masival lands flush, and then Khabilov comes over top with a right. As Khabilov ties up Masvidal, the Miami native turns him and steers the fight to the fence. Then the break. And now it's Masvidal with the takedown. Wow. He's trying to get off some elbows from the top. Khabilov able to get back up, and we got back to the center momentarily. Now Khabilov shoots and bangs Masvidal into the chain links, and grabs his back. He dumps Masvidal for a moment, but Masvidal bounces right back up. Khabilov toils for another takedown, but can't get it. They go back to center and circle as the roudn ends.

Round 3:
Khabilov comes in with a high kick, which catches the whiskers of Masvidal's chin. Masvidal strafing with the right jab. Khabilov is bouncing, still moving well. Wow! Spinning wheel kick from Khabilov lands flush to Masvidal's chin, and he drops. Khabilov pounces and trying to grab his neck. Masvidal able to squirm free and stand up. Wow. somehow Masvidal survived that vicious kick. They are at center now, trading shots. Now Masvidal tosses Khabilov to the canvas while on the fence, and Khabilov gets right back up. Both guys laboring out there now, breathing heavily. Khabilov now grabs Masvidal's back, but with both guys slippery with sweat can't get any traction. They go back to the fence, this time with Masvidal ushering the action. Masvidal grabs a leg, but Khabilov sprawls and lands a series of shots in close to Masvidal's rib cage. Crazy little back and forth fight. Each man had his moment, but none was bigger than the wheel kick that Khabilov planted on Masvidal early in the third.

UFC Fight for the Troops 3 results: Rustam Khabilov def. Jorse Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
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