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Michael Chiesa vs. Colton Smith

Round 1:
Gary Copeland is the referee for the first fight on the main card. They touch them up. Chiesa throwing that right jab early, Smith using kicks. Feel out process. Good stiff right by Smith, and Chiesa comes in with a knee. Smith ties Chiesa up on fence and looking for a trip. He gets Chiesa down and tries to turn him towards the center, but ends up reversed. Now it's Chiesa with Smith's back, and he rolls. He has a body triangle and is trying to get that rear naked choke with a country mile to go in the round (2:30). Smith doing a good job fending him off, and now reverses Chiesa! He now stands up on Chiesa's back, and throws Smith to the ground. Chiesa stands up, but Smith is on his back applying a rear naked choke of his own. Crazy reversal of fortune here. The choke was very deep, and Chiesa dropped to the canvas, slamming Smith enough to pry loose. Now Smith with some ground and pound. Finally they break, and meet in the center of the cage and give each other a high five. Good first round.

Round 2:
This time they come right to the point, and meet at the center swinging. Smith ties Chiesa up and puts his back on the fence, kneeing him the whole time. Chiesa tries to take Smith down, but nothing doing, and they break. Chiesa snaps off a good left hand, and then again, this time set up by a long jab. Smith digs in and gets Chiesa to the fence. Chiesa with a huge throw and Smith lands awkwardly on his head. Now Chiesa sinks a choke, and it's deep. Smith is flattened out, and he taps! Chiesa threw Smith down and pounced on his back immediately.

UFC Fight for the Troops 3 results: Michael Chiesa def. Colton Smith via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:41 or R2.
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