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Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the man in charge. Bermudez cracks Siler with a straight left, then pumps his jab. Bermudez changes levels for a double and gets it, landing in half guard. Siler regains his full guard, then stands. Bermudez blasts Siler with a knee to the cup. Oomph, that looked painful. Siler takes a moment to collect himself, and we're back. Siler blocks a high kick. Bermudez goes over the top with a left, then dives for a double. Siler sinks in a deep guillotine. Bermudez squirms out. That was close. Wild scramble. Siler locks onto a triangle. Bermudez stands and slams Siler to the mat. Furious pace here. Bermudez works from top position, then stands and drops back down with his own guillotine. Bermudez rolls Siler over into full mount, still clutching the guillotine. Siler sweeps into top position then wriggles out of the guillotine. We're back to our feet. Siler jumps another into guillotine attempt attempt but Bermudez shakes it off. Wow, what a round.

Round 2:
Bermudez launches into a superman punch then slips throwing a high kick. Siler dives on top but then lets him up. Bermudez clinches, then drops for a double leg. He avoids another guillotine and gets the takedown, landing in full guard. Siler uses butterfly guard to stand. Bermudez trips him back down, once again landing in guard. Bermudez covering Siler's mouth and unloading short punches. Siler nearly whirled to Bermudez's back, but Bermudez recognized it and clamped down from top position. Bermudez working for a neck crank from half guard. Siler pops his head out and regains his guard. Bermudez stands, eats a short punch, then drops for a single.

Round 3:
Hard right hand crushes Siler. Bermudez drops for a double. Siler sprawls and hunts for a guillotine. Bermudez whirls out then stands. One-two whiffs for Bermudez. Siler catches Bermudez coming in with a flurry. Counter right connects for Siler, and another. Bermudez closes the distance and hunts for a trip. He can't get it. Siler throws out a few low kicks. Bermudez swinging for the fences but can't land. Bermudez wades forward, eats a jab, then counters. Bermudez changes levels but Siler shakes off the takedown attempt. Bermudez ducks under a punch and drives Siler to the mat, landing in top position. Siler stands. Bermudez grasps for a standing guillotine. Jesus, that's tight. Siler scrambles out. Slugfest to the finish! Super fun fight.

Dennis Bermudez def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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