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Neil Magny vs. Seth Baczynski

Round 1:
Big John McCarthy is our referee. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Baczynski whiffs on a looping right. Magny closes the distance against the fence. Baczynski reverses. Short knees to the body from Magny, who gets double underhooks then reverses. McCarthy calls for action. And there's the split. Baczynski wings a one-two in the center of the cage. Baczynski pressures forward and Magny cliches. More fighting for position against the cage. The crowd is getting restless here. McCarthy wants action. Magny peppering Baczynski with short shots, but nothing significant. And McCarthy steps in. Baczynski dives for a double leg, hoists Magny over his head, then slams him down. Magny lands a hard shot from the bottom. Baczynski postures up and dives into half guard, now full mount. Slick transition. Baczynski postures up and rains down body shots.

Round 2:
Baczynski headhunting early with his right hand. Baczynski stuffs a takedown and muscles Magny against the fence. McCarthy calls for action again. No tolerance for cage grappling today. Big John split them up. Baczynski wades in and connects on a hard right hand. Magny fights off a takedown then hunts for a single against the fence. Baczynski defends and reverses. More fence work and McCarthy isn't having it. He splits it. Good right hand from Magny, who then reverses a takedown. Baczynski climbs back to his feet but eats another right hand off the break. Magny's tape is loose on his gloves. McCarthy stops the action and fixed it. We're back, and Baczynski lunges into a double.

Round 3:
Baczynski's corner calling for urgency. Magny catches a kick, but Baczynski twirls out and bullrushes into the clinch against the fence. Baczynski drops for a single but can't get it. McCarthy wants work. Magny releases to the center of the cage. Baczynski lunges for another double, then takes Magny's back standing and almost pulls him down. Magny instantly pops to his feet but winds up with his back against the fence. McCarthy splits it up. Baczynski dives right back into a double and finally gets it. Magny working double butterflies from the bottom. Baczynski postures up then dives back into guard. Magny with wrist control on Baczynski's right hand. Magny pushes Baczynski off then jumps to his feet. Baczynski not giving him an inch against the fence. Magny reverses then powers Baczynski to the mat. Baczynski back to his feet, only to get slammed down. Wild scramble ends with Baczynski hunting for a standing guillotine. Magny defends but ends with his back once again against the fence. Huge flurry at the end hurts Baczynski. Wow, that might've stolen it. Close fight, but Magny wins on damage for me.

Seth Baczynski def. Neil Magny via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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