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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I think this verse is saying that you accept God's will and whatever comes.

I think it is talking about what you can endure through Christ and not what you can perform.

Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Good point Neezar...

It's the "I can do all things" part that gets confused though. MMA fighter/champion, out to win against impossible odds but "I can do all things" (including beating someone up for sport). It seems to me that "all things" would infer all Godly things.

You can almost put "Godly" in the stead of "all" in this text...I think.
You could! But a better choice and a more accurate choice would be to replace "can do" with "endure". Now obviously all Scripture is God inspired and perfect so we never NEED to or should change words in a verse but in the context of getting a better understanding of what Paul was talking about in this case then "endure" would help explain in more than "can do".

In the time period Paul lived as well as in the situation he was currently in the thought of this verse being some sort of leverage to help him reach his goals etc would just be unheard of.
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