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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I agree, it's unlikely that Obama is a true Christian, let alone a "strong Christian." However, you can't really expect a non-believer, like RNC, to be able to tell the difference.

As for the claim that Obama is "doing his best" for the less fortunate, you just have to look at his past charitable giving to see that he's extremely generous… with other people's money. According to his tax returns that Obama released during the 2008 campaign, his charitable giving looked like this:

2005: $77,315 to charity out of income of $1.66 million (4.6 percent)
2004: $2,500 out of $207,647 (1.2 percent)
2003: $3,400 out of $238,327 (1.4 percent)
2002: $1,050 out of $259,394 (0.4 percent)

So Obama expects everyone else in the country to be more generous with our money than he is willing to be with his own money. That is about as far from "doing his best" for the less fortunate as you can get.
Agreed! And what he did give surely was written off at tax time!
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