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Default For All Saints and All Souls the liturgical callendar, which none of you follow this new month of November become The Kingdom Season. The first half of the month is spent on mourning the dead, the second part is based on Christ The King.

It is customary to indulge oneself in a fanciful bit of literny known as The Requiem (which is like an addition of choral music to a communion service) There are many battles about which Requiem is the best, and generally, there have been many arguments attesting that the most well known ones, Faure, or Verdi are best...or maybe Mozart.

I have discovered however, that the best Requiem is a compilation of many different composers, and different Requiems.

I present to you, what I would consider, the best Requiem Mass ever, with all the trimmings.

We begin with the music before the service, and I would have to choose the Suite Gothique by Leon Bolleman

I shall post it over several as not to overload you (Parts I and II) (Part III and Toccata)
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