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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post

I have two female Zebra Finches that look like called Bonnie, died, but not before being the mother of an empire

Here is her Memorial video also

The other is very much alive, she is called Beverly, and she is Mother of the Contingent, her clan include three breeding pairs, and gave birth to more then fifteen offspring this year...some of whom I kept, many of whom died sadly...but that is the way of it. They breed so much because the vast majority do not make it...its what you come to recognise when you own an aviary.

The loss of a Budgie is always hard...but...I bought a new one today, its the first Blue Budgie ive owned since the loss of Jens The Budgie...who, as my first, is irreplaceable...and whose loss weight far more heavy then the loss of any other bird. (though Pettis the Zebra Finch, my first ever loss holds a special burden also)

Here is Jens The Budgies Memorial video, there are two versions coz some of the songs used for the original were banned from youtube in the US...but the video content is the same. (Commonwealth Version) (US Version)

and this is Pettis Memorial Video.
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