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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Not trying to stir the pot here but I do find 2 things interesting....

This question was never actually answered. I've asked it before and never really gotten an answer either.

Nobody is or really can question a Mod's authority on here and that's ok. This isn't a democracy and everyone on here understands and accepts that but sometimes it's hard to find any logic in why or how a thread gets locked. I've seen threads VERY heated and never get locked and I've seen threads that were fairly tame get locked. I've seen threads locked and unlocked by different MOD's and I've seen threads locked and MOD's continue to post to get their last word in (although not recently).

So if there is a standard out there it would probably help the members if we actually knew what it was. Compliance is a lot easier if you know the rules.

But that certainly can't be the litmus test for locking a thread can it? Not only is it amazingly subjective but I have seen countless threads "go nowhere and never get locked. So how do you all decide?
I can't speak for the guys but for me, it's all about what day it is.

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