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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
not the case at all ... in the GWB days, if a thread that was made to criticize his policies, and the thread was locked promptly ... most of those people got sick of that and left ... LOL, i am still here ... since BHO has been president, it has been open season on here on him ... most people on here vote republican and therefore join in on the conversations ... like you said, from your perspective ... if bush was tapping phones, it would be seen as a necessity on here ... i understand everyone on here thinks the US is crumbling, but if your choice of president was in power, it would be all good ... a method to the madness ..
I hope you really don't believe that about me. This has nothing to do with my personal feelings towards the president. He isn't doing this alone. I would feel the same about the state of affairs right now regardless of who the president was or which party he was in.
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