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Samara vs. Musoke

Round 1: Marc Goddard is our referee. Sakara opens with a flurry that staggers Musoke. Sakara powers Musoke to the mat, then stands. Musoke stumbles Sakara with a hard counter. Huge exchange from both men. Musoke muscles Sakara against the fence then trips him, landing in full guard. Sakara working short elbows from the bottom. Musoke advances into half guard. Sakara explodes into top position then stands and rains down punches. Big flurry from Sakara, who then dives into top position. Out of nowhere, Musoke throws up an armbar and catches it belly down! Boom, that's it. Sakara frantically taps. So slick.

Nicholas Musoke def. Alessio Sakara via submission (armbar) at 3:07 of round 1.
So pissed I missed this one!

Parke vs. Tuck

Round 1: Referee Leon Roberts oversees the action. We're off. Both men go high early. Parke blasts Tuck's midsection with a pair of kicks. Tuck eats a big straight left then closes the distance. Parke unloads a flurry. Parke turned away and called to Roberts for an eyepoke, and instead of waiting Tuck charged inside with a high kick. Tuck turns it on and stalks forward with straight punches. Parke firing off short counters. Slow battle so far. Tuck peppers from the outside then barely misses a high kick. Parke rips into Tuck with a counter left. Parke changes levels and slams Tuck to the canvas at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Parke.

Round 2: Tuck circles and eats a steady barrage of straight punches, answering with a hard kick to the body. Parke stalking forward, turning it on. Another lightning quick left counter from Parke. Tuck is fading. Parke wades inside and connects on a three-punch flurry. Another flurry backs up Tuck. Parke letting his hands go now, landing that left hand over and over. Tuck launches a flying knee to the body. Parke continues to stalk forward with combinations. Parke dodges a superman punch then cracks Tuck with a left uppercut. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Parke. (20-18 Parke.)

Round 3: Tuck's corner told him that he needs a finish. They're probably right. Wild capoeira kick misses from Parke. Tuck appears hesitant. Parke eats a right and shakes his head. Tuck starts to open up, Parke fires right back. Parke connects on a nice inside uppercut. Parke cracks Tuck with a left that makes him drop his mouthpiece. Inexplicably Tuck bends down to pick it up. Parke pours on the strikes while Tuck reinserts his mouthpiece. Weird sequence there. Tuck eats another uppercut. 90 seconds left and Tuck finds a home for a combination. Parke still stalking forward, lands a stiff right hand. Parke is relentless from the outside. Another big flurry inside from Parke. Parke whiffs on a few wild kicks at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Parke. (30-27 Parke.)

Norman Parke def. Jon Tuck via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
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