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Default Tito & Ken on TSN's Off the Record

Much thanks to (By Jesse Holland @Jesse_Holland on Oct 25 2013, 10:00a):
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall-of-Famers Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock -- who once stood on opposite sides of the cage as bitter rivals -- have joined forces to "expose the truth" about UFC President Dana White, who washed his hands of the mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneers after they were no longer marketable.
Said Ken:
"This is what it is. If Dana didn't have [Tito], or didn't have Chuck, or didn't have me, or didn't have Frank to be able to make money off of our sweat and our blood, where would he be? So without the charisma and talent we had, Dana White would not have a job right now."
Adds Tito:
"Of course [Dana has] done it brilliantly when you've got enough money to have a backing to do it. It's easy. You can sit there, cuss, put out a thing saying you're going to fight one of the fighters and talk smack about the fighter to make money off the fighter. Of course it's an easy thing to do."
See the show recap here and all the quotes from our running live blog here.

Naturally, White tells a very different side of the story, claiming Ortiz is "the dumbest human being to ever be involved in the sport" while Shamrock is a "piece of ••••" who owes him $175,000. Who's right and who's wrong? It's probably somewhere in the middle.

And if getting the band back together means storming the MGM Grand Garden Arena at UFC 167 next month in Las Vegas, Nevada, then maybe they can settle this thing once and for all.

Fighting solves everything!
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