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Al Iaquinta vs. Piotr Hallmann

Round 1: Leon Roberts. Iaquinta already on a single and now the American is trying to take Hallmann's back as they stand in the clinch. Hallmann escapes and is stalking but eats a body kick. And a right hand. Hallmann lands a left hook and knee to the body. Iaquinta with a jab, but eats a left hook. Hallmann scores a head kick, but it doesn't seem to do too much damage. Iaquinta changing stances back and forth. Both fighters exchange crosses. Iaquinta fakes a shot and lands a deep uppercut, but eats a right hook. Hallmann stuffs two single leg attempts then lands a single leg takedown of his own. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Hallmann
Rnd 2 was Al's, though. Should be a fun 3rd!!
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