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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
... if bush was tapping phones, it would be seen as a necessity on here ... i understand everyone on here thinks the US is crumbling, but if your choice of president was in power, it would be all good ..

I didn't want GWB or anyone else taping me! I was furious with many Bush decisions during his 2nd term (when he was kow-towing to the dems that held the majority in Congress). I was furious that he wouldn't unconditionally pardon Compean and Ramos. I was absolutely frustrated with his inability to control our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

You see, RNC, many of us have ideals that we hold dear. Many of these ideals are spelled out in our constitution. We are not racists, bomb-throwers, terrorists, hobbits, anarchists or any of the other labels thrown at us by the left. Many of us just want the government out of our lives and less regulation in our businesses so that we can make a profit and provide a better life for our children. It's NOT all about partisanship with many of us. FYI, I was adamantly against the Iraqi war as well.
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