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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

The German Chancellor of The Fourth Reich (otherwise known as The European Union) has not minced her words. She directly went to Barack Obama and told him that it had better not be the case that the United States has tapped her personal mobile phone.

She is not the only one.

The French President only yesterday wanted to know why the US was monitoring the personal mobile phones of High ranking French parliamentarians.

AND...tonight the White House was supposed to be throwing a State Banquet for the leader of Brazil.

She has refused to attend, after fears that...yep...Barack is listening to her mobile phone aswell.

Now we know what Barack Obama has been doing since the Government shut down...

By the way...if a Con is the opposite of a Pro....What is the opposite of Progress

Did you come up with that?

I heard she called the President directly and he told her he wasn't listening. Do you think she believed him?

My advice to her and anyone else, whatever the President says, think the opposite and you'll have the truth. Have you ever seen that movie "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey, Dave. It's about a guy who is constantly lying, even to his little boy. When he fails to show up for the boy's birthday party, the little boy wishes that for 24 hours his dad cannot tell a lie. That's my wish for Barack Obama, except I would change the time to extend to the rest of his term!

That would be a picture, the next time he opens his mouth to lie to us, the truth actually comes out! Oh to see the look on his face...priceless!

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