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With aprox fifty members of The Royal Family present in Westminster Abbey, The Earl Spencer, who was the Brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, uses his Eulogy at her State Funneral (only granted due to the Public response by her Death, and long suspected politically motivated Assassination in Paris, it is considered very likely that Diana was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time she died. To avoid Illegitamate half siblings to the future heirs, it is thought that the cover of an accident might have been used to safe guard the Royal Line. The person most often accused of being behind this, is The Queens Consort.) to launch a Veild attack on Royalty.

To find that an astonishing thing occures when he has finished. Something which at a time when the Royal Family was at its lowest point since Twix World Wars, shook the Monarchy to its core.

If you dont want to watch it all skip to the 8min mark for the suprise finale
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